Program Overview

Wednesday, May 24 (8am - 5pm)

Breakfast & Networking

Opening Remarks: Thriving in the NewMR
Jeffrey Reynolds

Change, disruption, innovation… no matter what you call it, it’s a new world, one that’s filled with challenges and opportunities. Learn about state of the art tools, frameworks and approaches to help you thrive in the NewMR.

Making Diamonds: Insights Under Pressure
Joan Lewis

When a global leader of your industry wants to make recommendations about adapting and thriving during a period of vast change, you listen.

Improving the Value of Market Segmentation
Hilary DeCamp

Enhance the value of your segmentations with digital profiling and behavior scoring to improve activation.

Segmentation Case Study: Mobile R&D
Bryce Quayle

Hear the results of our R&D that compares the data quality and analytical output of traditional segmentation to two alternative approaches with shorter surveys.

Increasing Influence Through Storytelling
Eric Asch and Debbie Doupé

Want to ensure your work is persuasive and inspires action? We’ll share an approach from the consulting world that captivates and informs using structure, logical analysis and reasoning.

Approaches for Bringing Consumers to Life in Your Organization
Nick Priestley

Explore the role of new technologies laced with the tried and true to help bring the target, customers, and consumers into sharper focus for your stakeholders. Balance the 'what' with the 'why' and the 'who' for more powerful routes to foundational strategic understanding and more effective tactics.

Are You Listening?
David Rabjohns

In an industry so focused on asking questions, David Rabjohns recommends stopping to listen in order to fuel your brand growth strategy. Big data insights from online consumer anthropology allows us to listen to discover new opportunities.

12:15 – 1:30PM

Rooftop Lunch (Weather Permitting)

Your Mind Is Playing Tricks on You
Jeremy Sack, PhD and Andrew Chizever

A provocative workshop to explore the biases that can affect study results and your credibility.

Consumers are Human. so what?
Collette Eccleston, PhD

Sort out the misinformation, myths and misconceptions of the nonconscious, emotions and drivers of human behavior. We'll focus on the base needs of humans and the implications for marketing and research.

Innovation and Collaboration to Drive Impact
Christine Cottrell

Follow the innovation and collaboration process that helped our client shine and solve a unique business problem.

Converging & Diverging: The Wildly Dynamic World of Multicultural Marketing
Stephen Palacios

Ground yourself in the facts about America’s evolving ethnic makeup and learn about measurement approaches to help you understand the cultural drivers of brand choice in the context of identity and evolving social norms.

5pm – 6pm

Rooftop Cocktails


Dinner Party
Del Posto

Thursday, May 25 (8am - Noon)

Breakfast & Networking

Charles Ellis, PhD and Frank Zinni, PhD

With the consumer landscape rapidly changing, LRW will lead you through our latest R&D to understand how brands perform in their role as beacons to guide consumers through the growing fog of product proliferation and information overload.

Modeling the Many Paths To Purchase to Improve Marketing Efficacy
Hrag Balian, PhD

Using analytical methods that geneticists use to sequence DNA, we can reduce thousands of seemingly unique paths to purchase to just a handful of common ones, digging deeper to better understand the micro-dynamics of consumer choice and strategy.

Big Impact from Small Data: Innovative Approaches in Qualitative
Miriam Alexander

Taking from the playbook of anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists and economists, discover new techniques that can help you understand consumers and opportunities better.

Best Practices for Using Trade Off Analyses in Rapidly Changing Markets
Peggy Einnehmer

Our media maven shares gems of wisdom she has learned while helping the biggest and best in entertainment and television re-envision and model the potential future landscape.